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AIWD Main Features

Explore DeFi without fear thanks to the AIWD browser extension. It proactively protects you from malicious smart contracts and phishing websites and warns you not to fall for any scams!

Smart contract analysis

AI Wallet Defender audits smart contracts behind transactions to identify dangerous logic, critical vulnerabilities, and compromising permissions to access your assets.

Real time token analysis

Our technology checks token’s characteristics such as creation date, collection, and owners as well as collection’s smart contract to determine that the transaction is safe.

Transaction simulation

AI Wallet Defender checks all the smart contracts linked to the transaction you want to make in real time and stimulates the transaction flow to see the result.

Phishing website detection

As you browse the Web3 space, AI Wallet Defender checks the sites you are accessing against extensive block lists and allowed lists using AI similarity validation, and alerts you if it detects phishing.