🪙AIWD Token

Hold to get the premium version

Only $AIWD holders will enjoy the premium version of AI Wallet Defender. It includes all the features of the free version plus:

  • Detailed smart contract risk reports

  • Community Validated Tokens

  • IP violation detection

Bug Bounty

Those protocols that want to be audited or validated by AI Wallet Defender will have to deposit their Bug Bounty on the $AIWD token. This way the whole AIWD community will be rewarded.

  • Deposits from other projects

  • Big recurring purchases

  • Income for the community


Access to exclusive $AIWD pools and extra returns with AI Wallet Defender staking. The rewards will come from the deposits of other protocols, so it will be a real extra income for the AIWD community.

  • Additional profitability

  • Long-term commitment

  • Real Protocol Income

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