How is AI Wallet Defender different from other traditional antivirus software?

Traditional antivirus software may not be able to detect malicious software and code attempting to gain access to your wallet and assets. Web3-specific security solutions, such as AI Wallet Defender, are designed to detect and protect against web3-specific scams. These solutions provide an extra layer of protection to ensure that your assets remain secure from online threats.

How exactly AI Wallet Defender protect me?

AI Wallet Defender is like a sentinel, keeping watch as you navigate the web. It inspects the other entities and resources you interact with before any transaction is approved. AI Wallet Defender provides a risk assessment report to aid in determining if the transaction is legitimate or potentially fraudulent.

How do I use AI Wallet Defender?

You can easily get the Chrome extension from either the Chrome Web Store. After installation, it will start working straight away and will send you an alert whenever you make a wallet transaction or visit a potentially risky website.

Do I need to provide my seed phrase?

Never. AI Wallet Defender never asks for your seed phrase and has zero access to your wallet and its assets.

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