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Marketing Plan

We have an ongoing partnership with an experienced marketing agency, DTC Group. Our plans are divided into short-term goals, which focus on making our product visible to users, and long-term goals, which aim to create a long-lasting user base that can experience a safer approach to crypto thanks to our product and be rewarded by holding our token.
This is are few of our marketing moves:
  • ApeO'clock Banner & Listing
  • Twitter Airdrop Campaing
  • DTC Group Partnership
  • Saul from Pinksale Partnership
  • CryptoDexWorld Yotube Video
  • Secure Blockchain Youtube Video
  • Thai Whales
  • BlocklyTH CN token lisitng + banner
  • Shill Seals
  • The Future Lounge
  • Whale Coin Talk
  • H Calls
  • CryptoCat
  • Apeology
  • Zlaunch
  • Don Calls
  • Brothers
  • DefiApe
  • Cryptodex
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